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Garrapata State Park – Big Sur CA

On the north coast of Big Sur is Garrapata State Park. Here spectacular rocky shorelines play counterpoint with an inland area of steep mountains and cavernous redwood canyons. The park offers rolling surf, wildflower bedecked trails, rocky outcroppings, and the  nterplay between fog, clouds and sun, depending on the time of day. You can reach Garrapata State Park by driving south along Highway 1 from Carmel for approximately 5 miles. One note of interest, as you leave Carmel you will pass through Carmel Highland which was once the home of Ansel Adams.

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N. Soberanes

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2 Thoughts on “Garrapata State Park – Big Sur CA

  1. I just love the juxtaposition of the ragged coastline against the rich colors of the natural beauty that comprise this special spot! What an incredible shot, Wayne.

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