Wayne Beauregard Photography

Rocky Gorge, White Mountains, NH

Rocky Gorge is a scenic stop along the Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountains National Forest of New Hampshire. The Swift River runs along this overlook. Although the foliage hadn’t peaked when we were there, there was areas where the color was absolutely alluring.

Fishermans Walk Trail

Fishermans walk located near York Maine is a short less than a mile scenic walk along the waterfront that leads from the Wiggle Bridge at Steedman Woods to York Harbor Beach. This peaceful trail follows the York River most of the way. The image was taken along this trail.

Shenandoah National Park is located in the state of Virginia just 2-hours outside Washington DC. It extends along the Blue Ridge Mountains which includes the 105-mile long Skyline Drive, a National Scenic Byway running its length. Along this drive you will pass 75 overlooks with spectacular vistas. The image below was taken from the Franklin Cliffs Overlook. We planned this trip around the fall foliage but due to extreme drought conditions and abnormal high temperatures the color was limited.

Patas Monkey

The Patas Monkey is a medium to large sized species of Old World Monkey that is found inhabiting the open grasslands of Central Africa. Due to the limited cover of these grasslands, the Patas monkey will simply runs away if threatened. Their long back legs are so powerful that they are able to reach speeds of up to 35mph making them the fastest primates in the world. These monkeys are a sociable animal that is found in troops of between 10 and 40 members with only one older, dominant male and the rest being females with their young. However the troop is led by the females who protect their home ranges from intrusion by other troops.

The image was taken at the Southwick Zoo.

Otter Rocks, NH

Otter Rocks is located along the Kancamagus HWY just east of Lincoln NH. The Pemigewasset River flows along these rocks. The image was taken recently during a fall foliage trip.